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The ACA Council on Nutrition Seminar
will be April 27 – 30, 2017,
at the Tempe Palms Missions in Tempe, AZ!

2013 symposium

The special hotel rates are good two days before and two days after the seminar – make a family vacation out of it! Call Claudia at Trump Travel for hotel and travel information 800-937- 3878.

16 hours of CE will be applied for in all states by Palmer College. Submissions will also be made to the ACBN, CBCN and CDID for 16 credit hours.

We have eight outstanding speakers:

  • MegaSporeBiotics will sponsor Dr. Tom Bayne and Dr. Kiran Krishnan
  • Professional Health Products will sponsor Dr. Ben Bowers
  • Moss Nutrition is sponsoring Dr. Jeffrey Moss
  • Standard Process is sponsoring Dr. Georgia Nab
  • Progressive Laboratories is sponsoring Dr. Kyl Smith
  • Biotics Research will sponsor Dr. Court Vreeland
  • SHAPE Reclaimed will sponsor Dr. Todd Frisch

We would like to thank each of the following companies for sponsoring a speaker at our up-coming Seminar , “Conducting the DNA Train for the Optimization of Health and Well Being”, April 27 – 30 in Tempe, AZ.

  • Biotics Research - Dr. Court Vreeland
  • MegaSporeBiotics - Dr. Tom Bayne
  • MegaSporeBiotics - Dr. Kiran Krishnan
  • Moss Nutrition - Dr. Jeffrey Moss
  • Professional Health Products - Dr. Ben Bowers
    Progressive Laboratories - Dr. Kyl Smith
  • SHAPE Reclaimed - Dr. Todd Frisch
  • Standard Process - Dr. Georgia Nab

Apex Energetics is sponsoring a luncheon on Friday and Standard Process and Bio-Botanical Research, Inc. are sponsoring a luncheon on Saturday. Thank you all!!
We would also like to thank each of the companies who have registered to exhibit with us this year:

  • Allergy Research Group
  • Apex
  • Arizona Nutritional Supplements
  • Bio-Botanical Research, Inc.
  • Biotics Research Corporation
  • Brainspan, LLC
  • Clear Mind Center
  • Doctor's Choice
  • Med-Chem Labs, Inc.
  • MegaSporeBiotic by Physicians Exclusive
  • Moss Nutrition Products
  • NuMedica
  • OmegaBrite
  • Professional Health Products
  • Progressive Laboratories, Inc.
  • SGS Research
  • Standard Process Inc.
  • Tarpon Total Health Care
  • WBWC Personal Infrared Sauna

More information to come – but you can register to attend the seminar or exhibit now! Exhibitors who register first get first selection as to booth space and our space is limited!

Doctors Download the registration form here.
Exhibitors Download the registration form here.
Download the Seminar Brochure here
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